FIFA Street 3 (Review)

In this game you can play football on the streets as football stars such as Ronaldo and Rooney.
You can play with friends on the same Xbox 360, or on Xbox Live.
You CAN’T create teams or players.
You also can’t earn achievements in Practice mode.

I would rate the GAMEPLAY as a 7/10
Gameplay is good. You can perform funny tricks, run on the walls, and watch replays of goals. You can also perform Gamebreakers to win the match. Also this game has easy controls.

I would rate the SOUND as a 7/10
Sound is good. Soundtrack is not bad. But some sounds are unrealistic. Also some soundtrack too boring.

I would rate the GRAPHICS as a 8/10
Graphics good, but too “cartoony” for Xbox 360. But moves and tricks are realistic.

I would rate the SINGLE PLAYER as a 9/10
Game modes are cool. But you can’t create teams and players.

I would rate the MULTIPLAYER as a 4/10
Multiplayer on Xbox Live is boring, But multiplayer on the same Xbox 360 is cool.

Summary: 35/50

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