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England World Cup 2010 Squad

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For many fans, Owen Hargreaves is the favorite to get the call as he hasn’t really gotten much time on the field this season.

Capello said that Owen Hargreaves is “under consideration” for the spot, which is great news for all his fans.
We all know that Owen Hargreaves was the best player in the last World Cup for England, and after his spectacular performance, Sir Alex signed him from Bayern Munich.

I’m sure most people would be delighted if he made the cut as he will bring much to the England team.
The standard four defensive players Glen Johnson, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole have struggled with injury this season and should be sure of their starting spots.

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Johnson was one of the stars from Liverpool, with two goals in the first two games, and I think he will be a great attacker on the wings, along with Ashley Cole, who was at his best prior to his injury.

As for Terry and Ferdinand they have formed a strong partnership, I expect nothing but the best from them.

There are only three spots left for defenders, Ryan Shawcross, Gary Cahill, Joleon Lescott, Phil Jagielka, Michael Dawson, Ledley King, Stephen Warnock, Leighton Baines, Wes Brown, Matthew Upson, Micah Richards, Gary Neville.

Firstly, I think it the top post will go to Wes Brown because he knows how to work the center and right back, and he has proven to be proficient in both positions.

Ledley King has been unable to play consistently, so I think that this automatically excludes him.

Michael Dawson and Matthew Upson both deserve, a spot for the center back.

Rio Ferdinand will captain the new partnership he and the old captain John Terry.

Back left, has to be Leighton Baines as he is slick and powerful in this position, and since Barry will not be there, Leighton Baines skill will be needed to get the ball to Rooney.

I think we can all agree that Sol Campbell and Gary Neville is a little too old to be performing at their best and I now believe one of them are fit to be starters.
Even though Sol Campbell has done some impressive stuff for Arsenal, I think for him it to go to world cup 2010 would be very risky, I also think Gary Neville is a risk factor.
As for Ryan Shawcross, although a good player will not be going to world cup 2010.

Lescott, one of the most disliked players has everyone thinking as a result of his unprofessionalism and questioning his actions, should he be allowed to play in the world cup?.
After his performance against Croatia, back in 2008, one has to ask ones self, is he ready for soccer at the world cup level?

Personally I think Richards is stronger than Jagielka, although none of them is as good as the rest of the squad.

FIFA 2010 World Cup Handbook available at:http://tinyurl.com/3x7lmbg

My top picks would be
Johnson (RB)
Brown (RB / CB)
Terry (CB)
Ferdinand (CB)
Dawson (CB)
A Cole (LB)
Baines (LB)

FIFA 2010 World Cup Handbook available at:http://tinyurl.com/3x7lmbg

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